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Customizable Corporate and Trust Bookkeeping

Our comprehensive bookkeeping services are fully customized to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring that every unique detail is taken care of with precision and accuracy. By working with an experienced team that specializes in your specific area of need, you will receive tailored solutions for less than the cost of hiring a full or part-time employee to perform the same tasks.

Accounts Payable
Achieve peace of mind for your accounts payable and meet every deadline regardless of the challenges you face including Markups, RUBS, Utilities, Credit Card, Online Portals, and more.
Accounts Receivable
Ensure accounts receivable cashflow with quick and precise check entering with typical turnaround within 24 hours*
Daily/Weekly Reconciliation
Simplify reconciliations weekly or daily for greater organization and records for your property management success.
Move Ins/Outs
Eradicate cash account discrepancies by streamlining your processes and procedures for better fund allocation.
Management Fees/Owner Draws
Ensure owners get paid on time with a complete view of the portfolio’s progress throughout the month, on your schedule.



Save your property managers time by allowing us to pick up the phone and verify the status of your work orders, call to confirm times and status, and work within your parameters to ensure logistics are under control.


Tired of following up on your delinquents? Using approved templates, we’ll take care of calling, emailing, and texting to accelerate collections.


Let us supplement your team by taking the repetitive tasks off your to do list including listing properties, renewals, data entry, and much more.

Core Services

We have 3 core services that are broken down in pricing:


All your bookkeeping needs in one place: AP, AR, Reconciliations, Reporting, Move In & Out Accounting, Fees and all other aspects of bookkeeping. Completely outsource your accounting department with Hawk!


Are you bogged down coordinating tasks that are keeping you from the important stuff? We will supercharge your team to help coordinate maintenance, collections, leasing and more!


Property Management is a complicated business. If you find yourself with a lot of properties but don't have the logistics worked out, we can help set you on the right path through Consulting, Cleanup, and Virtual CFO services.

Hawk Operations
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